Livestream Your Event!

The demand to live stream events has been steadily increasing with the capabilities of technology and the web growing.  It is becoming so much easier to get your message out to people at remote locations or even to let others join in on your event. At Mercury Sound & Lighting, we’ve accepted this change and shift in our industry and have ramped up our equipment and knowledge base to serve our clients better.  MSL is capable of taking your next audio visual rental and event to the next level by sharing it across the web.  We are increasingly  adding our web streaming services to our customers a/v packages.

This technology is also being used to have satellite locations for events. While a company or ministry may be holding a live event in a specific city, they may want to share the same event at the same time at a remote city or location. Mercury can help your company or ministry achieve the tasks both on a rental bases and a permanent integration basis. We have helped several corporate clients set up their conference rooms so they can share their meetings elsewhere. Similarly, we have helped churches set their spaces up to broadcast their services weekly. We are no longer limited to the confines or our brick and mortar. We can now spread our meetings and services out to anyone who needs to listen or attend. Contact us at Mercury Sound & Lighting today to discuss how we can help your organization with the Live Streaming needs.

Audio Rental Services – Saving You The Time & Money With Top-Quality Equipment

Do you want to throw a big party and have a great DJ play – but don’t feel like investing in a brand new equipment you will just use once? Are you hosting an event and are missing on a complete audio experience?

If yes is your answer to any of these questions, or you simply want to rent audio equipment at the most affordable price for one occasion, then our audio rental service is definitely the best choice for you.

As the best requirement for private events but also the business sector, audio rental offers a full range of equipment varying from data projectors, plasma and LCD monitors, audio equipment, speakers, VCRs, DVDs, sound systems and many other parts. Whether you are organizing a conference, a gala event or an informal party – audio rental will see that everything runs smoothly – and that you have a crisp sound during the event.

Audio rental aims to fulfill the utmost quality on every event, regardless its type. Because let’s face it – no one is going to notice the audio at an event unless it is perfect or completely gone. Meaning that your event definitely needs audio visual rentals.

Now, the options you have are either leasing the equipment for a period of time – whether you are holding the event for one or a number of days – and – a short term rental facility you can consider which is ideal for private parties, weddings, birthdays etc.

All in all, audio rentals are extremely handy nowadays. With audio equipment kits for rent, TVs, DVDs, VCRs but also lighting, video and wireless microphones – you can make the most of your event. Obviously, there are a number of styles to choose when considering audio rental for your conference, wedding or party – and each caters to different needs. That is why you should know as many details as possible about the event you are holding – and the audio rental will prove its point in the best light possible.

Flat Screen Monitor Rentals

Flat Screen Monitor

Mercury Sound & Lighting offers a wide range of flat screen monitor and TV rental options for meetings, corporate events, weddings, and all other needs.  Our displays can connect to any DVD Player, Computer, Laptop, satellite or cable box, or any other video device with HDMI, VGA, Composite or Component outputs. Our inventory is extensive to include all size displays from 19″ monitors to 90″ TV’s.  Need a touch screen display? No problem! We carry those as well.  4K and 3D Displays are also available for rent.

Mercury also has a large inventory of other video signal devices including SDI, HDMI, and VGA distribution amplifiers and signal extenders.  Give us a call today to schedule your Display Rental! We are standing by to take your call and answer your questions.


NEED HELP OR IDEAS WITH YOUR EVENT?! No problem. Our sales associates are event experts. They can answer any questions you have and help you plan your event all the way down to the fine details.  An experienced Project Manager will be assigned to your event and follow through until the very end to make sure all of your goals are met.


Audio Visual Rental Equipment

MSL has recently added to it’s audio visual rental inventory.  Our guys spend time researching equipment and gear extensively before a decision is made to purchase.  The Christie D12HD-H projector’s were one of those choices. These units are a single chip DLP projector with an amazing 12,000 lumen output. They will accept all types of video inputs including SDI, HDMI, DVI, VGA, 5-Wire BNC, S-Video, Composite Video, Component Video, USB and HDBaseT.  Christie Projector RentalWe’ve included all lens sizes and fly racks for all projectors.  To accompany these powerhouse projectors, we’ve extended our inventory of Stumpfl 16:9 screens for rent.  All sizes and surfaces are available in our rental inventory.

If you’re looking for high quality video solutions for your next event, then Mercury has the right product selection for you.  We’ve also added a number of Blackmagic conversion units. SDI is the new norm for HD video signal on a large scale such as production and rental; however, many flat screens, projectors and video display’s do not accept SDI inputs.  Our Blackmagic SDI to HDMI and HDMI to SDI convertors will solve these compatibility issues allowing for up to 300’ of digital HD signal. Call our professionals at Mercury Sound & Lighting today to discuss your audio visual rental needs. We have all of the right product selections in our inventory to meet your a/v rental expectations.

Ice Arena Audio System Installation

Ice Arena Installation

Ice Arena Installation

The City of Berkley asked Mercury Sound & Lighting to design an audio system that would be budget conscious but still give great audio coverage and quality.  We have worked with several cities and municipalities and understand how to incorporate quality into a tight budget.  Mercury installed JBL Control 28 speakers throughout the arena.  These speakers  are a high output indoor/outdoor loudspeaker.  They were powered with crown CDi amplifiers and controlled by a DBX Zone Controller to allow different inputs to be used throughout the arena.  The new system will be used for various events held at the arena including hockey games, figure skating and even public open skate.  Mercury Sound & Lighting can provide audio installation for all types of venues including ice arena’s, stadiums and all other venue types.  MSL is a direct manufacturer dealer for countless audio, lighting and video brands.  Our team will work relentlessly to design an audio visual system that fits your needs.  Contact us today for more information!

Club Audio Visual Installation- iHookah

Mercury Sound & Lighting has installed audio visual elements for hundreds of bars and clubs in Michigan.  We were asked to create a system for iHookah that would provide a laid back atmosphere for people to relax and be entertained.  The system was to combine an audio system and video screens throughout the lounge.  The owner of iHookah wanted to create a situation where his customers could sit anywhere in the lounge and be able to see a tv screen and hear audio no matter what seating option they chose.


Audio Visual Installation

Mercury installed a total of 8 JBL Control 28 Speakers throughout the space.  It was powered by Crown CDi amplifiers and a DBX zone controller was used for processing.   The system was split off into four separate zones so that different volumes and inputs could be controlled in different areas of the lounge.

iHookah has a full surround wall of windows.  This posed for a challenging situation with flat screen TVs.  They could not be mounted on the wall (since made of glass) so Mercury came up with an alternate option.  A total of 13 43″ TVs were installed around the space.  Mercury used double mounted ceiling mounts to hang the display’s from the ceiling in a configuration that would put them back to back allowing for viewing on both sides of the TV.  Another 3 71″ televisions were mounted over the bar area for a massive television wall.

It doesn’t matter how large or small your project is.  The professionals at Mercury Sound & Lighting can choose an audio visual system that will meet your needs. Give us a call today and let us start on your project!

Wedding Lighting Michigan

Palazzo Grande- Backdrop Uplight and SpotWedding Lighting has become increasingly popular over the past few years.  While Mercury Sound and Lighting is a full production company, no event is too large or too small.  We have a wide range of rental products including both high end and budget fixtures for wedding lighting.  We are located in Novi, Michigan but we service all of Michigan, Indiana and Ohio with wedding lighting rentals.  Our services include uplighting, pin spots, custom monograms, intelligent lighting, and pattern lighting.

Uplighting is the most popular lighting effect used for weddings today.  It is a simple and cost effective way to transform any space.  We use several different fixtures to accomplish our uplighting. These range from conventional fixture’s to LED washes.  We offer uplighting packages that start at $250 for the budget conscious couple all the way to high end uplighting packages.  With LED lighting, we can accomplish millions of color options including the option to have the room change colors throughout the wedding. Our trained technician can stay throughout your big night to make sure you don’t have any worries.  They can definitely create the mood you are looking for.

If you’ve ever eaten at a nice Italian Restaurant or a restaurant like J. Alexander’s or PF Changs then you’ve noticed how lighting can be dim and set a mood without loosing lighting where you need it.  This method is called pin spotting.  We can create this same mood at your wedding.  Our trained professionals can mount pin spots to spot all of the things that are important to you such as center pieces, the wedding cake, head table, card table and so many other areas.  This allows us to dim the natural lighting in the room, but not loose light where we need it thus creating a more “romantic” feel and much more of a glow from your wall washes.

Pin Spotting and Wall Washes are definitely our most common lighting options; however, we offer so much more.  Please check through our web page to see our other options including truss, movers, pattern lighting and custom monograms.  Mercury Sound & Lighting is your premiere wedding lighting company here in Michigan.  Contact one of our sales reps today to discuss how Mercury Weddings can make your dream wedding come true!

Audio Visual Rental- Michigan


Audio Visual is a very important aspect for any business.  Company training, business meetings, conventions and special events are crucial to a thriving business.  It is important that you choose the right a/v equipment and rental company to make these event’s a success.  There are many markets in need of these equipment rentals such as entertainment, educating, or marketing.  It is important that your information is seen and your message is being heard.


Audio visual equipment has come a long way in the past decade.  The times of using an overhead projector and writing on transparencies have come and gone.  Today, technology is so much greater.  Your corporate event should also change with the changes in new technology.  Your company may have some in-house audio visual equipment, but when planning a larger scale event it may be necessary to out-source your A/V needs. This is where a company like Mercury Sound & Lighting can team up with your organization and help make your event flawless.  An audio visual company will have all of the equipment that you need that is up to date and on the edge of new technology.  Mercury will also have the trained staff and technicians to set this equipment up for you and operate it throughout your event.

It doesn’t matter how large or small your event is.  We have the right equipment and techs to serve meetings as small as 5 and as large as thousands.  You can rent a laptop and projector or have MSL put together a full blown production for you.  Our equipment rentals and staff will exceed your expectations and take your worry away.

Located in Novi, Michigan Mercury Sound & Lighting offer’s thousands of products to help make your event something special.  From Projectors and Screens, to Audio and Lighting, Mercury has you covered.  Even though we are located near Detroit, we serve the entire state of Michigan and nationwide.  Give us  a call and let us start planning your next corporate event!


Michigan Sound System Installation

word-of-faith-lighting-sound-installationProfessional audio system’s are used today in a variety of applications. Some of these applications include Houses of Worship, Schools, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, and Corporate Environments. Whichever your application, it is important that to choose the right audio solution and products to fit your environment. A professional sound company assists in customizing an audio system to meet these needs. Mercury Sound & Lighting provides its clients with a professional design unique to their situation. It is not as simple as throwing a couple of speakers on the wall and calling it a day. It is important for an audio company to take the time to measure the space and design a system that will create even coverage and an SPL that is sufficient for the type of application the system is being designed for.

Often times, we find that our clients have had previous experiences where the end result and needs of the system were not researched well enough by the “installer” (specifically Houses of Worship). We have a saying here that most House’s of Worship will experience 4 audio systems for their auditorium. The first system always goes to the lowest bidder. Of course, this is understandable. While we breath and live audio, it is not always the most important factor when a new House of Worship is going up and we understand that.

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Worship Audio – 5 Ways to Evaluate Your Mix


An audio engineer should constantly be critiquing his mix. A mix may be perfect, but worship is constantly flowing and a simple changing of songs could require your mix to change. It is important that you take these factors into account when you are on your instrument, the sound board!

1. Can you hear all of the instruments and singers?

I often find worship services tobe a bit frustrating when I’m visiting, helping the audio team, and I cannot hear all ofthe different elements that I see on the stage. As a worship leader myself, Iunderstand how hard our team works to get everything right and the last thing I’dwant is for one of our team members to not be heard. The best way for you tocritique your mix is to close your eyes and see if you can point out each instrumentand singer in the mix. If you can’t hear a certain piece, is it because the level is toolow or is it competing with another instrument or singer?

2. Can you hear the Worship Leader or is he buried in the mix?

The Worship Leader is the most important piece to your puzzle. It is absolutely essential that hestands out in your mix and that his voice is clear and intelligible. The congregation is listening for the lead and this is what they follow. A good trick that I like to use is tweaking the treble a bit on this channel. You won’t have to turn him/her up too loud toget it to punch through. Brightening up the lead vocal will help it cut through andstand out in the mix.

3. Do I hear more sound coming from the House or from the Stage?

Stage volumeis a constant problem in many churches. Personal Monitor Mixing and In-Ears havehelped this quite a bit, but not every house of worship is using in-ears as their monitoring solution. If your stage volume is louder than your house volume then youmight as well kiss that great mix good-bye! Often, churches do not want the soundpassing a certain decibel rating. If this is the case, then you and your worship bandhave to find that middle ground that will create balance in your mix. There are severalways to help keep your stage volume down, but we’ll save that for another blog.

4. Does the mix sound like it has layers?

Many churches suffer from a mediocre mix caused by all of the inputs being run at a similar level. If it sounds like your inputs are running at the same level then you need to create layers to your mix. This will create depth and energy to your mix. The best way for you to create a mix with energy and layers is to start out piece by piece and work your way to it. Start with your drum mix.Set the levels to a point that are comfortable for the room you are in. Then you can add in each instrument one at a time, allowing the lead instruments to be last and a bit louder than the others. Mix the vocals the same way. Mix each vocal and then add one at a time to make them sound like one large voice singing together. Finally, add in the lead vocal last. This vocal should be a bit louder and cut through the rest of the mix. Do not let your mix lack energy!

5. Are you playing your instrument!?

So many volunteer technicians find a mix that sounds “ok” and then leave it. I cannot express this last point enough. The audio engineer is as much a part of the band as the lead guitar player or even the worship leader. The sound board is your instrument! Imagine what worship would sound like if the guitar player played one chord through an entire song or set?! It is important that you learn the songs as a member of the worship team. Learn what the lead instruments, who the lead vocal is, if there is a guitar solo or an instrument that comes in with a key part during the song. There is nothing worse than a guitar solo buried in the mix.Turn that guitar up! I always joke with my musician and worship leader friends telling them that they really aren’t that important and the audio engineer really hands out the solo’s. This is very true. The band will learn to follow your mix and you will learn to follow them. Make sure you serve them well.

Overall, I hope you’ve learn how important your role is to the worship experience and what an effect you have. The worship leader depends on you to make sure the mix is providing energy and emotion. Keep following our Blogs. I’m optimistic they will help you. You can always email or call us here at Mercury if you have any questions or need some advice with your mix. We do offer on-site training as well.