Club Audio Visual Installation- iHookah

Mercury Sound & Lighting has installed audio visual elements for hundreds of bars and clubs in Michigan.  We were asked to create a system for iHookah that would provide a laid back atmosphere for people to relax and be entertained.  The system was to combine an audio system and video screens throughout the lounge.  The owner of iHookah wanted to create a situation where his customers could sit anywhere in the lounge and be able to see a tv screen and hear audio no matter what seating option they chose.


Audio Visual Installation

Mercury installed a total of 8 JBL Control 28 Speakers throughout the space.  It was powered by Crown CDi amplifiers and a DBX zone controller was used for processing.   The system was split off into four separate zones so that different volumes and inputs could be controlled in different areas of the lounge.

iHookah has a full surround wall of windows.  This posed for a challenging situation with flat screen TVs.  They could not be mounted on the wall (since made of glass) so Mercury came up with an alternate option.  A total of 13 43″ TVs were installed around the space.  Mercury used double mounted ceiling mounts to hang the display’s from the ceiling in a configuration that would put them back to back allowing for viewing on both sides of the TV.  Another 3 71″ televisions were mounted over the bar area for a massive television wall.

It doesn’t matter how large or small your project is.  The professionals at Mercury Sound & Lighting can choose an audio visual system that will meet your needs. Give us a call today and let us start on your project!