Suburban Showplace Rental Contract

Rental Contract - Suburban Showplace

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  • Terms & Conditions

  • This contract is made and entered into on the date specified above by and between the undersigned Lessee, and Mercury Sound & Lighting. All conditions are mutually agreed upon and the contract shall be subject to the terms and conditions following.

    Services to be performed by Mercury Sound & Lighting:
    Deliver equipment listed on ESTIMATE or INVOICE number provided.

    Services to be provided by Lessee
    Provide necessary power for all equipment.

    Safety Rules for Equipment:
    All equipment must be used in accordance with the manufacturers' posted specifications along with the discretion of Mercury Sound & Lighting. No food, drinks, gum, or any other potentially damaging material is permitted near the equipment. Costs incurred by misuse, abuse, damage, cleaning, and/or personal injury from any equipment will be the responsibility of the Lessee. I understand that the credit card on file will be charged for any and all damages and/or non-returned equipment.

    Mercury Sound & Lighting shall determine, at their sole discretion, if weather conditions permit the safe use of equipment. In the event of threatening weather, Lessee may re-schedule events or rentals prior to crews leaving for the event location on the scheduled day of the event or rental. Any costs incurred due to weather and late notice of cancellation shall be first taken out of the deposit and then invoiced if the expenses incurred by Mercury Sound & Lighting exceed the deposit on record. If cancellation notice is given before crews leave for the event location, the deposit shall remain on hold for a rescheduling of the event. Once crews arrive at the event site, full payment will be due and no refund or rescheduling will be possible even if equipment can not be set up or is taken down early due to weather. Possible weather‐related occurrences to discontinue the use of equipment would be winds over 20 mph, rain, sleet, snow, or lightning.

    Hold Harmless:
    Lessee shall idemnify, hold harmless, and defend Mercury Sound & Lighting, its officers, and employees, from any and all losses, injuries, damages, liability, claims, penalties, fines, legal actions (including costs and expenses incidental thereto), which may be asserted or brought against Mercury Sound & Lighting by any individual or entity and which may arise out of or occur during the performance of the rental agreement.


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