Michigan Sound System Installation

word-of-faith-lighting-sound-installationProfessional audio system’s are used today in a variety of applications. Some of these applications include Houses of Worship, Schools, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, and Corporate Environments. Whichever your application, it is important that to choose the right audio solution and products to fit your environment. A professional sound company assists in customizing an audio system to meet these needs. Mercury Sound & Lighting provides its clients with a professional design unique to their situation. It is not as simple as throwing a couple of speakers on the wall and calling it a day. It is important for an audio company to take the time to measure the space and design a system that will create even coverage and an SPL that is sufficient for the type of application the system is being designed for.

Often times, we find that our clients have had previous experiences where the end result and needs of the system were not researched well enough by the “installer” (specifically Houses of Worship). We have a saying here that most House’s of Worship will experience 4 audio systems for their auditorium. The first system always goes to the lowest bidder. Of course, this is understandable. While we breath and live audio, it is not always the most important factor when a new House of Worship is going up and we understand that.

There are many other expenses that go along with building or moving into a new House of Worship and the sound system ends up being the last thing chosen once funds have been allocated. The second system is usually a board member, deacon or faithful ministry leader that believes he has the “answer”. A certain amount of funds are given for this individual to purchase some equipment online or run down to the local DJ Supply store. Is this sounding familiar? After that option did not pan out, a “professional” audio company is called in to put in a bigger system. Without the proper design this third system leads into the fourth and final system when acoustics and design are treated together at the same time. It is always our goal to meet our clients at whichever “system” they find themselves in and take them to that final system.

A different solution will be found for corporate environments or restaurants. Depending on the need, Mercury can design a 70 volt system, all-weather installation and multiple different mounting and rigging options. Mercury has an extensive background in serving all different applications of sound system installation. It is important to us that we ask the right questions so that we can put something together for you. Mercury has hundreds of product lines to choose from to insure that correct pieces are put together for each system. Let us help you design the appropriate sound system for you and your organization.